What Are Mods?

What Are Mods?

What are mods? Mods, otherwise known as modifications, are new parts that you install, or changes that you make to your car that improve its performance, appearance and your overall driving experience.

Why Should I Mod My Car?

You should mod your car to improve its overall performance, to make it sound better, to make it look unique, to enhance its acceleration, and to personalize it to your tastes. After all, every morning you choose an outfit that reflects your personality and thereby sets you apart from other individuals -- why shouldn't you do the same with your car?

How Can I Mod My Car?

There are countless parts and accessories that you can choose to modify your car with. You can change your exhaust system with a cat back exhaust. You can replace your factory air box with a cold air intake. Or you can even upgrade your turbocharger with a bigger one! Beyond that, you can upgrade your brakes, wheels, seats, shifter, floor mats, blow off valve, intercooler, wastegate, downpipe, spoiler, suspension and more! Modifying your car is only limited by your imagination!

Is My Car A Good Candidate For Mods?

If you have a Focus, Focus RS, Focus ST, Fiesta ST, Fiesta 1.0 Turbo or Focus 1.0 Turbo; then yes, it is a GREAT candidate for modification!

What Mods Do You Recommend For My Focus or Fiesta?

We recommend that you start by buying a tuner. Tuners are devices that reprogram your vehicle's factory computer, this to compensate for the modifications that have been made to your car (modifications like a new intake, exhaust system, or intercooler). Tuners do the aforementioned, plus adding horsepower and torque, all by modifying the parameters in your car's computer. A tuner will grow with you and your vehicle as you modify it going forward.

Next, we recommend that you do an air intake and cat-back exhaust system. This will give your vehicle more power and a more aggressive sound. Thereafter, if you want even more power, you should considering upgrading your intercooler, intercooler pipes, blow off valve, wastegate and possibly your turbo.

If you want to improve your car's handling, you should consider doing coilovers or lowering springs. Both coilovers and lowering springs will improve how your vehicle corners and drives down a twisty road; however, coilovers are adjustable, while springs are not. Furthermore, coilovers replace your factory shocks and struts with a one piece application. Springs, on the other hand, bolt in place of your factory springs and work with whatever shocks and struts that are already on your car.

Beyond these basic stages of modification, feel free to call or email us for some professional advice on how to modify your: Focus ST, Focus RS, Focus 1.0 Ecoboost, Focus ZX3, Focus SVT, Fiesta ST or Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost.